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Carrollton, TX

High-Quality Showers & Tubs in Carrollton

Your bathroom fulfills lots of functions, from solitude and self-care to daily personal hygiene. You deserve to have a functional, beautiful place to take care of your body.

In addition to keeping your body clean and healthy, your bathroom impacts your home in other ways. In fact, a new shower or bathtub upgrade can increase your home’s resale value. 

From new installations and upgrades to maintenance and repairs, your bathroom can be a high-demand area of your home. No matter the size or scope of the service you’re looking for, the team at Jim’s Plumbing Now is here for you. Reach out to us today for more information or to schedule your service!

water flowing from a shower head repaired in a dallas home

Expert Bathtub & Shower Installation Services

Besides your kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most important places for resale value in the home. Your bathroom is a high-traffic, frequently utilized space, so it’s important that it functions well and looks great, too. An efficient, well-designed bathtub or shower installation can make your home a more valuable asset.

Alternatively, if you are buying a new home and you need a new bathtub or shower, you’ll want to make sure the new system is installed properly the first time. 

So whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or moving into a brand new house, Jim’s Plumbing Now can provide expert shower and tub installation in Carrollton that you can rely on. Contact us today!

Bathtub and Shower Accessibility Installation

While bathtubs and showers are meant to be relaxing places where people go to end a long day or practice self-care, they can be a place of stress for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Most importantly, you deserve to feel safe in your space. Your bathroom should also accommodate you and allow you to move easily through it.

At Jim’s Plumbing Now, we can install elements into showers and bathtubs that make them a safe space for all users. This can include add-ons like shower seats, handrails and grab bars. We can also convert your current bathroom to better fit your lifestyle.

We offer step-in shower installations, tub-to-shower conversions and even walk-in tubs. No matter what bathroom accessibility needs you require, our team is here to make it happen for you. Reach out to our team today for more information!

What To Do When You Have A Leaky Shower?

No one wants to put up with an inefficient showerhead. The fact remains, though, that leaks happen. Usually, leaky showerheads are caused by mineral buildup, which is very common in North Dallas. Thankfully, cleaning a showerhead yourself is a simple process.

If you’re willing to try it yourself, here are the steps for cleaning your showerhead:

  • Turn off the water that supplies your bathroom. There will usually be a shutoff valve in the bathroom. If not, you can turn off the main water line for the whole house.
  • Remove the showerhead from the wall connection. 
  • Fill a container with white vinegar and let the showerhead soak in it for eight hours. While the showerhead soaks, most of the limescale build-up should dissolve.
  • After soaking for eight hours, remove any leftover deposits from the showerhead. You can use a toothpick to remove debris from the smaller holes. You can then use a toothbrush to scrub the whole showerhead clean.
  • Place the showerhead back on its wall connection. Turn the water back on.

If the showerhead is still leaking after that, give Jim’s Plumbing Now a call. Our plumbers can fix all kinds of North Dallas shower repairs and faucet leaks. Contact us today!

Water Pressure Repair

Nothing is as much of a letdown as getting home from a long day of work and jumping into the shower only to realize your water pressure is very low. If you are experiencing low water pressure, our experienced plumbers can get to your home quickly and turn the pressure up.

Don’t put up with weak water pressure for another day. With Jim’s Plumbing Now, you’ll be back to taking relaxing showers in no time.

When you have a bathroom plumbing problem, you can rely on our team to get it fixed quickly and affordably. Put your plumbing in the hands of trained professionals you can trust. Contact our team today!

Carrollton Bathroom Plumbing Services

The team at Jim’s Plumbing Now is backed by years of industry training and experience. No matter what plumbing services you need, we’ve seen it all.

If you’re struggling with standing water in your shower, slow bathtub drains or leaky showerheads, turn to the professionals many Carrollton residents rely on. There’s nothing our plumbing team can’t handle. 

We stand by our services and never cut corners, so when you schedule a service with us, you know you’re getting the customer service you deserve. From streamlined accessibility installations to turning up your water pressure, at Jim’s Plumbing Now, we can complete any job. Contact us today to get your plumbing services done right the first time!

Jim’s Plumbing Now Showers & Tubs

From bringing new life into your bathroom with a trusted installation or replacement to making your faucets run like new again, at Jim’s Plumbing Now, we can do it all. When it’s time for a bathroom upgrade or customization, turn to the professionals on our team. For more information or to schedule your service, contact us today!

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