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Carrollton, TX

Sewer & Gas Line Services In Carrollton

When it comes to your sewer and gas lines, there’s no room for error. These plumbing systems have to work perfectly every single day to keep your home safe and operational. You need a team that takes your sewer and gas needs seriously, from repairs to installations to inspections.

Jim’s Plumbing Now provides comprehensive services for your gas and sewer systems. Whether you have a leak, a deteriorating line or need lines replaced, trust the team that puts safety at the forefront of our service. We don’t make rookie mistakes, we never cut corners and we always give you peace of mind that your gas and sewer lines are in good condition. Give us a call for all your plumbing needs!

We’ll Handle The Mess, You Enjoy The Rest

When it comes to your sewer services, you probably don’t want to think too much about it. However, your sewer lines need some attention to ensure they can perform everyday for your family.

That’s why our team is here to help you. Just give us a call, and we can handle inspecting, repairing or installing sewer lines flawlessly. Delivering professional services that you can count on is our mission, and we work to prove it every day.

Dependable Sewer Repairs

Sewer repairs can crop up for a variety of reasons, but the end goal is always to limit the damage from sewage and get your system flowing smoothly again. Our plumbers have seen every sewer repair you can think of, and we don’t waste any time getting to the bottom of the problem.

Once we understand the source of your sewer struggles, we recommend the most efficient solution. We always try to avoid invasive measures when we can, ensuring your sewer solutions are customized to your needs.

plastic, blue and black pvc pipe exposed in the yard outside a dallas home

We’ll Handle The Mess, You Enjoy The Rest

Local Sewer Camera Inspections

Inspecting your sewer with an advanced camera is valuable for determining the condition of your sewer lines as well as getting eyes on any sewer blockage or leak you’re facing. Our team is highly trained and able to get a look inside your sewer lines with minimal disruption to your home. We can gather information on what kind of pipes you have, how old they are or even what kind of repair we need to execute.

Gas Line Services In Carrollton

*If you currently smell or suspect a gas leak, evacuate the building immediately and contact your gas company or emergency services.*

Many people are unaware that gas line inspection and repair services are taken care of by plumbing professionals, so if you’re in need of gas services, you’ve come to the right place. Our team can repair lines that have cracked and replace lines when they’re beyond repair.

If your gas supply has been shut off due to a leak, we’re the team that shows up with the answers and tools you need. Put your trust in a team that is well known for attention to detail and thorough services.

Expert Gas Line Inspection Services

Natural gas is used in many Texas homes, so making sure everything is running smoothly is essential to your home safety. Gas line inspections are actually often mandatory for certain projects or events. Gas line inspection services are often required when you do the following:

  • Renovate or remodel your home
  • Move or add new appliances to your home
  • When you build expansions to your home
  • When you sell your home

If it’s time to get your gas lines inspected — to follow regulations or to find out information you need to know — don’t just call any plumber out there. Jim’s Plumbing Now has the communication skills and knowledge to make quick work of your inspection.

Gas Line Repair In Carrollton

While gas leaks are not as common as other plumbing problems, they still occur. Leaks caused by corrosion, improper installation or by digging do happen, and when they do, you need a gas line repair expert to take care of the problem.

Once a gas leak has been detected, you will need an experienced plumber to come out and make repairs. You can rely on Jim’s Plumbing Now for any gas line repairs you need.

Gas Line Hook-Ups and Connections

A new oven or dryer is exciting, but before you can use your new appliance you will need gas line hook-ups and connections installed. Our friendly plumbers can get your home hooked-up to gas lines safely and efficiently.

Gas Log Installation

Did you know that gas logs aren’t meant for gas fireplaces? A gas log is actually made to convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas, making that warm, cozy fire you’re looking for more convenient and less messy.

If you want to upgrade your wood-burning fireplace by converting it to gas, the experienced gas plumbers from Jim’s Plumbing Now will ensure that the gas log is installed properly and that your home has all of the required measures to keep you safe with gas appliances, like ventilation and carbon monoxide detectors.

Your Safety Comes First

Jim’s Plumbing Now values the safety and security of all of our customers, so our plumbers are all highly-trained and insured to ensure you receive safe and quality service. With decades of combined experience, our plumbers will make sure that your sewer and gas lines are ready to perform. If you need expert sewer or gas line services in Carrollton and the surrounding areas, give us a call!

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